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Music Department 07/17/2012

The musician Jorge Ruiz, founder of the group “Maldita Nerea”, gave the inaugural talk at the Prince of Asturias Foundation International Music School 2012 Summer Courses

The event was held at the Auditorium of the Conservatory.

Inaugural talk of the 2012 Summer Courses. ©FPA

Jorge Ruiz, musician, speech therapist and founder of the group “Maldita Nerea”, gave the opening talk at the 2012 Summer Courses organised by the Prince of Asturias Foundation International Music School. The event took place at 11am on 17th July in the Auditorium of the “Eduardo Martínez Torner” Advanced Conservatory of Music of the Principality of Asturias. In previous years, the Courses have been opened by Fernando Argenta, host of the music programmes “Clásicos Populares” and “El Conciertazo”, the singers Luz Casal and Victor Manuel, the Galician musician Carlos Nuñez and the producer and musician Carlos Jean.

Before the talk, Jorge Ruiz met with the media at 10.30am in the Auditorium of the Conservatory.

Jorge Ruiz

Musician and founder of Maldita Nerea, Jorge Ruiz is also a speech therapist and teacher of Speech and Language, specializing in issues such as talent, communication, emotions and entrepreneurship within the field of education. For some years now, he has followed a joint career as a musician and speech therapist, alongside various activities related to teaching. As leader of Maldita Nerea, he has released four albums. The last one, “Fácil” [Easy] (2011), reached no. 1 in the official list of record sales and on iTunes, was a Gold Disc and won the award for Best Album in the 2011 “40 Principales” Awards. With his previous album, “Es un secreto… no se lo digas a nadie” [It’s a secret ... do not tell anyone] (2009), he received a Platinum Disc and three “40 Principales” Awards 2010. Following the success of the “Gira Fácil” [Easy Tour] in 2011, filling major venues throughout the country, as well as in London, Mexico and Venezuela, Maldita Nerea has just embarked on its “Gira Mucho + Fácil”, [Much More Easy] Tour, with which he will tour Spain until the end of 2012. It is also worth noting that Maldita Nerea is considered “one of the leading bands in the country on the social networks”, with hundreds of thousands of friends on Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti and more than twenty million views on Youtube.

Enrolled students

The 2012 Summer Courses will be held at the “Eduardo Martinez Torner” Conservatory of Music of the Principality of Asturias and at the Prince Felipe Auditorium in Oviedo from 17th to 28th July, and enjoys the patronage of the Maria Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation. This year, 184 students from China, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, Venezuela and Spain will participate in the courses. In addition, the School’s website has received over 12,000 visits from some 80 different countries.

Thirty-four teachers of eleven different nationalities will impart classes covering the standard range of symphonic orchestral instruments, as well as ensemble classes for chamber music, string quartets, wind ensembles, folk music ensembles, youth orchestra and junior orchestra. The School has strengthened its Musical Health Department by including, for the first time, the subject “Yoga and Relaxation”, besides renewing the workshops on “Healthy Food and Eating Habits” in collaboration with the Alimerka Foundation and “Do your muscles feel like iron?” in collaboration with the Mapfre Foundation.

As a complement to classroom teaching, the School’s professors and students will offer twelve free concerts at the Príncipe Felipe Auditorium and the Cajastur Cultural Centre, both in Oviedo, as well as in the Plaza de España in Avilés. In addition, there will be a cycle of street music, to be held between 23rd and 26th July, with two daily sessions at 12 noon and 7pm in emblematic streets and plazas in Gijón and Oviedo. For the first time, the activities of this cycle will be extended to Gijón, with concerts being held at 12 noon in the Plaza del Instituto.

Since 2005, classes have been given by teachers from: the Detmold Academy of Music (Germany); the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Moscow; the Geneva Conservatory of Music; the Robert Schuman School of Music and Media, Düsseldorf; the Russian Gnesin Academy of Music, Moscow; the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem; the Mons Royal Conservatory (Belgium); the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London; the Advanced School of Music and Performing Arts, Oporto (ESMAE); the Yehudi Menuhin School (UK); the Juilliard School, New York; and the Royal College of Music, London.

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