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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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The Foundation


Meeting of the Prince of Asturias Foundation Board of Trustees

Held at the Reconquista Hotel in Oviedo.

Meeting of the Prince of Asturias Foundation Board of Trustees. ©FPA

The Board of Trustees of the Prince of Asturias Foundation held its first meeting of the year at the Reconquista Hotel in Oviedo, in which Matías Rodríguez Inciarte was unanimously re-elected president of the institution that grants the Prince of Asturias Awards. Rodriguez Inciarte was appointed president of the Foundation in 2008 for a term of four years, as established in the Statutes.

Both the president and the director, Teresa Sanjurjo, reported on the financial position and assets of the Foundation and the activities undertaken over the past year. In particular, a comprehensive report was presented on this year’s Prince of Asturias Awards, with special attention being paid to the process of the announcement of the awards and the receiving of nominations. As of 15th March, the closing date for submission of nominations, except for the categories for Sports and Concord, whose deadline ends on 19th July, the Foundation had received 188 nominations from 48 countries.

In addition, the Board of Trustees was informed of the findings of the consultancy study conducted by Deloitte to determine the socioeconomic impact of the Foundation’s activities*, particularly in terms of safeguarding jobs and contributing to the GDP.

The activities organised by the Foundation in 2010 (corresponding to the latest approved annual accounts) represented a total expenditure of all the actors involved (Foundation, attendees, media, advertising, artists, teachers, etc.) of 6.4 million euros, 93% of which stayed in Spain, which supposes an expenditure of 5.9 million euros. This expenditure has contributed to generating 8.11 million euros of GDP and to the safeguarding of 212 direct, indirect and induced jobs.

The Principality of Asturias is the recipient of 77% of said expenditure, which represents a contribution of 6.2 million euros to the GDP and 160 jobs safeguarded in Asturias.

*The study does not include the impact of the Foundation’s activities abroad or their contribution to Asturias’ and Spain’s image abroad.

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