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Princess of Asturias Awards


Exhibition on the work of Marina Abramovic, Princess of Asturias Laureate for the Arts

From 14th to 23rd October at the former La Vega Arms Factory, in Oviedo.

Marina Abramović will meet with the public at the Jovellanos Theatre, in Gijón.


The School of Arts and Crafts at the former La Vega Arms Factory, in Oviedo, is to host the Marina Abramović - Performative Video Works exhibition, with works selected by the artist herself, 2021 Princess of Asturias Laureate for the Arts. The exhibition will take place within the framework of Awards Week, a broad-ranging cultural programme organized on the occasion of the Awards Ceremony, to be held between 14th and 23rd October.

The show traces a path through the artist’s career and the main thematic and aesthetic strands of her oeuvre. It is made up of eight pieces, three of which, Levitation, Carrying the Milk and Vanitas, are photographs of the project entitled “The Kitchen, Homage to Saint Therese”, carried out in 2009 in the kitchens of La Laboral complex, in Gijón. These three works are part of a set of videos and photographs in colour and black and white that emerged in homage to St Teresa of Ávila.

The show also includes the works: Golden Mask; Rest Energy; “Confession; Art Must Be Beautiful, Artist Must Be Beautiful; and The Onion.

Meeting with the public

The Foundation has also organized other activities related to the figure of Marina Abramović, including a meeting with the public at the Jovellanos Theatre in Gijón in which her professional career, the keys to her artistic work and her aspirations for the future will be reviewed.

Awards Week

These activities form part of “Awards Week”, a cultural programme designed by the Foundation that includes the participation of the Princess of Asturias Laureates in a variety of activities during the days leading up to the Awards Ceremony at the Campoamor Theatre.

Since 1996, the Foundation has scheduled different activities in diverse locations in Asturias aimed at making the Laureates and their contributions to the world of science, culture or any other field in which they work better known to society at large.

Access to all “Awards Week” events is free. The Foundation will announce the complete programme of activities in the coming days, as well as the procedure for attending.

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