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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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Extraordinary meeting of the Princess of Asturias Foundation Board of Trustees

Held on 31st August via video conference


The Princess of Asturias Foundation Board of Trustees held an extraordinary meeting via video conference on 31st August to establish the guidelines for the activities the institution has scheduled for October (SEE APPENDIX).

During the meeting, the members of the Board of Trustees once again addressed the situation of the Foundation’s choirs, whose activities have been suspended since February 2020 due to the pandemic. The Trustees agreed to resume the rehearsals of the adult choir in November, in accordance with a stringent safety and prevention protocol that the choir members will be informed of in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, the institution’s governing body also approved the incorporation of Fundación Talgo and TotalEnergies Electricidad y Gas to the Princess of Asturias Board of Trustees.

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