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Princess of Asturias Awards


Programme of cultural events featuring the Laureates during the days leading up to the 2017 Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony

2017 Princess of Asturias Awards Week


The Princess of Asturias Foundation has put together a broad-ranging cultural programme that includes the participation of the Princess of Asturias Laureates in various activities during the days leading up to the Awards Ceremony, which will be held on 20th October in the Campoamor Theatre, Oviedo.

The programme, called “Awards Week”, includes around thirty cultural activities to be held in Avilés, Cangas de Onís, Cudillero, Gijón, Mieres, Noreña and Oviedo starting Saturday, 14th October. The events featuring the Laureates will include talks, round tables, visits, exhibitions and a treasure hunt. These cultural events will also count on the participation of professionals, academics and prominent figures from different fields and disciplines.

Since 1996, the Foundation has scheduled different activities in diverse locations in Asturias aimed at making the Laureates and their contributions to the world of science, culture or any other field in which they work more accessible to society at large. The Laureates will combine the activities with diverse meetings with the press, the schedule for which will be announced in the coming days.

An educational project entitled “Taking the Floor” has also been put together as part of Awards Week aimed at primary, secondary and pre-university pupils in the Principality of Asturias, in which more than 6,600 pupils from 132 schools have taken part. This is third edition of this project and will bring together schoolchildren around the figures of this year’s Laureates in the categories of Communication and Humanities (Les Luthiers), the Arts (William Kentridge), International Cooperation (The Hispanic Society of America) and Sports (the All Blacks).

The Principality of Asturias Regional Ministry of Education and Culture, the Principality of Asturias Regional Parliament, Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés and Cangas de Onís Municipal Councils, the University of Oviedo and Port Authority of Gijón have all collaborated in the organization of this series of events. The series of events are sponsored by Cepsa and Técnicas Reunidas and have also counted on the collaboration of the Cajastur-Liberbank Foundation, all members of the Princess of Asturias Foundation.

APPENDIX: Programme of activities featuring the Laureates (subject to change). Updated information at: www.fpa.es



  • 10.00pm “More sweetly play the dance”. The Princess of Asturias Foundation will bring to Oviedo the William Kentridge’s video installation More Sweetly Play the Dance, which brings together the conceptual interests and the various artistic disciplines that he has cultivated throughout his long career.

    It will be opened prior to the Laureate’s arrival in Asturias in tribute to his work and to enable the public to establish a dialogue and enter into direct contact with his oeuvre. The activity’s musical and theatrical atmosphere will be provided by the group Patrulla Dixie, which will tour the park playing a fanfare to lead the public to the installation

    To participate in the opening, you must first register at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Monday, 9th October.
    Paseo de la Rosaleda, San Francisco Park. Oviedo.


  • 11.30am “The Les Luthiers Treasure Hunt”. A great city treasure hunt in Gijón into the history and performances of Les Luthiers. The group will send some informal instruments, such as a copy of the Bolarmonio, which will be exhibited in the treasure hunt. Those participants who solve the clues will be able to enter a draw to attend a meeting with Les Luthiers which will take place a few days later.

    Participation via prior registration at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Monday, 9th October.
    The hunt will start at the Revillagigedo Palace Cajastur-Liberbank Foundation Cultural Centre in Gijón (Plaza del Marqués, 2).
  • 12.30pm Concert by the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO). A representation from the EUYO will interpret the works of major European composers as a tribute to the concept of concord and the values of the European Union. The EUYO will be represented by twelve musicians (ten wind and brass players and two percussionists) from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

    Plaza de la Constitución, Oviedo.


  • CANCELLED - 12.00noon ““Taking the Floor”. Inventario. Members of Les Luthiers will participate in this event, which will also count on the presence of a selection of pupils from different schools participating in this activity of the “Taking the Floor” cultural programme. Plays on words are one of the characteristics of the works by Les Luthiers and so the goal of this activity, aimed at junior schoolchildren, was that of inventing words and creating new meanings for already existing words.

    Admission strictly for participating pupils and teachers.
    Condado de Noreña Public Junior School (Calle Fermín Cristóbal, Noreña).
  • 12.30pm  Concert by the European Union Youth Orchestra.

    Julián Orbón Professional Municipal Conservatory
    Calle Julia de la Riva, 2, Avilés.
  • 7.30pm  ““A Barely Extended Course of University Extension”. Les Luthiers will participate in a talk/meeting aimed at the general public. Simulation of a University Extension Course, which will include brief talks by “specialist lecturers” who will touch upon the presence of literature, music, philosophy, humour, communication, etc., in the work of Les Luthiers. At the end of the activity, there will be a round table with Les Luthiers.

    Accessible event: Sign language.

    Free admission until all seats are taken. Once all seats are taken, the public can follow the event via screens from the main lecture hall (Aula Magna) and the Severo Ochoa lecture hall.
    “Paraninfo” Hall, University of Oviedo Historic Building. 


  • 10.30am “History and Religion. A Breakfast Meeting with Karen Armstrong”. A meeting with Karen Armstrong in the Library of the University of Oviedo’s Historical Building which will address issues related to the intellectual production of this English writer (coexistence between religions in medieval times, tolerance, fundamentalism or how religion and myths have been used to shape new identities).

    Admission via prior registration at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Tuesday, 10th October.
    Library, University of Oviedo Historic Building (Calle San Francisco, 1, Oviedo).
  • 11.00am “The History of Gravitational Waves”. An informative lecture by Rainer Weiss aimed at schoolchildren which will focus on gravitational waves and black holes.

    Admission strictly for schoolchildren and teachers.
    IES La Magdalena state secondary school, Avilés (Calle Leopoldo Alas, 1).
  • 12.30pm Concert by the European Union Youth Orchestra.

    Café Dindurra (Paseo de Begoña, 11, Gijón).
  • 5.30pm “Exquisite Corpse. Poetic Action”. An activity aimed at making poetry visible in the street through actions such as the exhibition of poems in shop windows and taxis.

    The idea is to create a great participatory poem in the form of an “exquisite corpse”, a technique that appeared during the rise of poetic vanguards in the 20th century: each person writes a verse of the poem without knowing which verse precedes it or which will go next.

    City of Oviedo Exhibition and Conference Centre. (Calle Arturo Álvarez-Buylla, 5).
  • 7.30pm Concert by the European Union Youth Orchestra.

    Aula del Reino de Asturias (antigua iglesia de Cangas de Onís). Barrio de Cangas de Arriba, 5.
  • 7.30pm “Poems in Flight”. This event, which will celebrate its fifth edition this year, is conceived both as a tribute to the Laureate and in recognition of readers and the work of spreading culture carried out by book clubs within the context of public libraries. Via a conversation with the Laureate, the person chairing the event, Juan Manuel Bonet Planes, director of the Instituto Cervantes (2005 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities) and member of the Jury for the 2017 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts, will review the work of Adam Zagajewski.

    More than 1,500 members of book clubs linked to public libraries in the Principality of Asturias, Cantabria, Castile and León, Castile-La Mancha, Galicia, Madrid, Navarre and the Basque Country will participate in the event.

    Accessible event: Sign language and audio induction loop system.

    Admission by invitation for members of the participating book clubs and free admission for the public until all remaining seats are taken.
    City of Oviedo Exhibition and Conference Centre. (Calle Arturo Álvarez-Buylla, 5).
  • 8.00pm “A Meeting with the Public”. A meeting between Les Luthiers and their audience, which will consist of a conversation with the six members of the group. It will be led by Álex Grijelmo, who will review the background and more significant anecdotes of the history of the group. Near the end of the event, there will be a live performance by Les Luthiers lasting around twenty minutes, with some of the group’s most famous pieces.

    Free tickets will be available from the Jovellanos Theatre box office from Saturday, 14th October onwards, from 12 noon to 2pm and from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.
    Jovellanos Theatre, Gijón. Calle Paseo Begoña, 11, Gijón). 


  • 10.00am “Taking the Floor”. Small Blacks Campus. A delegation of the All Blacks will conduct a coaching session with 5th- and 6th-year schoolchildren and secondary pupils who have participated in training sessions held during September and October. The session will consist of tag rugby matches (a form of training in which each player wears a belt with tags and, instead of making tackles, the players have to remove their rival’s tags). The New Zealanders will go from field to field where the games are taking place and will demonstrate some of the techniques and tactics that have made them the best team in the history of this sport.

    During the Small Blacks Campus, a delegation from the pupils will present the codes of conduct drawn up within the context of this activity that reflect the commitment of their school, schoolmates and teachers to the sport they practice, thus emulating the All Blacks “Applause” programme.

    Free admission until all seats are taken.
    Las Mestas Sports Complex, Gijón. (Avda. Jesús Revuelta Diego).
  • 12.00noon “A Debate with Karen Armstrong”. A debate will be held, following the roundtable format, based on the subject matter and research areas of different departments at the University of Oviedo specializing in Philosophy, Literature and Ancient History. All this, in relation to the Charter for Compassion: how young people can contribute to understanding between religions, based on the fundamental principles of respect and universal justice.

    Accessible event: Sign language.

    Free admission until all seats are taken.
    Library, University of Oviedo Humanities Campus (Calle Amparo Pedregal, 2, Oviedo).
  • 12.00noon “Taking the Floor”. Huntington’s Travels. At the event, the representatives of The Hispanic Society of America (HSA) will be presented with a selection of the most outstanding projects from the activity aimed at secondary and pre-university pupils, in which these were invited to become advisers to Huntington on his travels through Spain in search of the works that now form part of the heritage of the HSA.

    Admission strictly for participating pupils and teachers.
    IES Selgas secondary school, El Pito (Avenida Selgas, Cudillero).
  • 12.30pm “Exquisite Corpse. Poetic Action”.

    Ramón Pérez de Ayala Library of Asturias. Plaza Daoíz y Velarde, 11, Oviedo.
  • 5.30pm “The All Blacks. The History of an Invincible Jersey”. Steve Tew, CEO of the New Zealand Rugby Union (NZR), and members of the All Blacks will open an exhibition with material reflecting highlights in the history of the world’s most successful national rugby team via the evolution of their sportswear. The exhibition will feature emblematic pieces such as a 1905 Originals jersey (the Originals were the first official All Blacks team to tour the Northern Hemisphere), a 1926 unbeaten Invincibles jersey, and a jersey worn by Farah Palmer, the captain of the Black Ferns at the 1998 World Cup. The Webb Ellis Cup, commemorating the victory of the All Blacks in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, will also be on show at the “Antigua Rula” Exhibition Hall. Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to experience up close –via virtual reality– the feeling of being on the field while players perform the haka.

    The exhibition will be open to the public for a month.

    Admission to the opening by invitation only.
    “Antigua Rula” Exhibition Hall, Gijón (Calle Claudio Alvargonzález, 32).
  • 6.00pm “Badges and Brands in Global Sport”. An open discussion on sport and values with the participation of Steve Tew, CEO of New Zealand Rugby, and Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid Football Club. The discussion will explore the relationships between amateur and professional sports, values and ethics, and how rugby and football can learn from each other’s greatest values. The discussion with be followed by a Q&A session with the public.

    Accessible event: Sign language.

    Admission via prior registration at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Tuesday, 10th October.
    St John the Baptist Collegiate Church, Gijón (Calle Colegiata).
  • 7.30pm “The Hispanic Society. History portrayed through paintings”. Visit by Philippe de Montebello and Mitchell Codding, representatives of The Hispanic Society of America (HSA), to the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias. Considering that the museum houses masterpieces and painters whose work is also represented in the HSA’s collection, its representatives will be offered a tour of the museum with planned stops at paintings by Murillo, Goya and Sorolla, among others. These paintings will serve as a starting point to talk about the history of the HSA and its own art collections.

    Admission via prior registration at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Tuesday, 10th October.
    Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, Oviedo.
  • 8.00pm “Poetry against Indifference”. A gathering and poetry recital in tribute to the work of Adam Zagajewski featuring the Polish author, as well as Spanish poets linked to the University of Oviedo. There will be readings of poems by Zagajewski and the participating poets.

    Admission via prior registration at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Tuesday, 10th October.
    Departmental Building, University of Oviedo Humanities Campus (Calle Amparo Pedregal, Oviedo).
  • 8.00pm “Paper Music”. William Kentridge’s work Paper Music will be represented at this event. This piece merges film –mostly animated charcoal and ink drawings by Kentridge– with musical performances by vocalists Ann Masina and Joanna Dudley, pianist Vincenzo Pasquariello and composer Philip Miller. William Kentridge will attend the event and briefly participate in the piece.

    Free tickets will be available from the Palacio Valdés Theatre box office from Saturday, 14th October onwards, from 11am to 2pm.
    Palacio Valdés Theatre, Avilés (Calle Palacio Valdés, 3).
  • 8.30pm Final rehearsal for the Awards Concert.

    Tickets will be available from the Auditorium box offices from Saturday, 14th October onwards, from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm.
    Prince Felipe Auditorium, Oviedo (Plaza del Fresno).


  • 11.00am “Taking the Floor”. Infinite Kentridge/∞K. The Laureate will take part in the closing of the activity carried out with Asturian secondary and pre-university pupils, whose schools received a zoetrope with cardboard strips and charcoal with which to create cartoons and moving sequences, emulating the Laureate’s drawing techniques. William Kentridge will open an installation made with the projects received.

    Admission strictly for participating pupils and teachers.
    IES Bernaldo de Quirós secondary school, Mieres (Calle Fray Paulino Álvarez).
  • 12.00noon Talk entitled “The Hispanic Society of America. A Legacy of Hispanity in the United States”. Mitchell Codding, Executive Director and President of The Hispanic Society of America, will give a talk on the institution he heads to the Members of the Asturian Parliament and other guests, followed by a round of questions.

    Admission by invitation only.
    Principality of Asturias Regional Parliament (Calle Fruela, 13, Oviedo).
  • 12.00noon “Round Table and Meeting with Students” featuring Rainer Weiss, Kip S. Thorne, Barry C. Barish and a representative from the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. Each of the three award-winning physicists and a representative from LIGO Scientifc Collaboration will give a presentation on their scientific work related to the discovery of gravitational waves, followed by a round of questions from the audience.
    Free admission until all seats are taken.
    Faculty of Science, University of Oviedo (Calle Federico García Lorca, 8, Oviedo).
  • 5.30pm “Coaching Session with Rugby Clubs”. Coaching session led by a delegation of the All Blacks, aimed at Asturian rugby players.

    The coaching session is aimed at rugby clubs.
    Free admission until all seats are taken.

    San Lázaro Municipal Sports Facilities. (Calle Gil Blas, Oviedo).
  • 6.30pm “Enough and More than Enough”. A talk/performance reviewing the work of the South African artist, famous for his collages, drawings, prints and animated films, through his theatrical productions and visual arts projects. The event focuses on several of his plays and operas, in which the constants of his career stand out: stories with a sole character that serve to weave different situations and enter into more complex realities. It brings together a wide selection of materials and resources that highlight the influences of Kentridge’s visual artwork and his work for the stage, as well as the different approaches and formalities for each project.

    William Kentridge will take a leading part in this talk/performance, along with Argentine actress Maricel Álvarez.

    Admission via prior registration at www.fpa.es. Registration opens at 12 noon on Tuesday, 10th October.
    LABoral Centre for Art and Industrial Creation, Gijón (Calle Los Prados, 121, Cabueñes).

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