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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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Princess of Asturias Awards


The jury meeting for the 2021 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts

59 nominations encompassing 24 different nationalities are in the running for this Award, the first of eight international awards that are bestowed each year by the Princess of Asturias Foundation, which are now in their 41st edition


The meeting of the Jury responsible for awarding the 2021 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts, the first of eight international awards that will be bestowed by the Princess of Asturias Foundation, will be held next Wednesday, 12th May. The awards will be bestowed this year for the 41st time in their history. Fifty-nine candidatures, encompassing twenty-four different nationalities, have been nominated for this award.

Due to the situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jury meetings are planned to be held via videoconference. The Jury’s acting secretary will be appointed by the Foundation, as established in the Regulations for the Awards. Furthermore, its chairperson will be the same as in the previous edition so as to facilitate the holding of the meeting, as approved by the institution’s Board of Trustees.

As stated in the Statutes of the Foundation, the Princess of Asturias Awards are aimed at rewarding “the scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work carried out at an international level by individuals, institutions or groups of individuals or institutions”. In keeping with these principles, the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts shall be aimed at recognizing “the work of fostering and advancing the art of film-making, theatre, dance, music, photography, painting, sculpture, architecture or any other form of artistic expression”.

The Award comprises a Joan Miró sculpture representing and symbolizing the accolade, a diploma, an insignia and a cash prize of €50,000.

The Jury’s decision will be announced at the end of the meeting that same Wednesday morning/early afternoon via a press release and on the Foundation’s website and social networks. A recording of the reading of the Minutes of the Jury by its chairperson will also be made available to the media via the Virtual Press Room.

Jury composition

The jury will be made up of the following members:

  • Miguel Zugaza Miranda (acting president)
  • Catalina Luca de Tena y García-Conde, Marchioness of Valle de Tena (acting secretary
  • José María Cano de Andrés
  • María de Corral López-Dóriga
  • Carlos Fitz-James Stuart Martínez de Irujo, Duke of Alba
  • Dionisio González Romero
  • Blanca Gutiérrez Ortiz, Blanca Li
  • Sergio Gutiérrez Sánchez
  • Lucas Macías Navarro
  • Ara Malikian
  • Ricardo Martí Fluxá
  • Fernando Masaveu Herrero
  • Hans Meinke Paege
  • Helena Pimenta Hernández
  • José María Pou Serra
  • Sandra Rotondo Urcola
  • Benedetta Tagliabue
  • Patricia Urquiola Hidalgo
  • Tadanori Yamaguchi
  • Aarón Zapico Braña

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