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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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Princess of Asturias Awards


The Prince of Asturias is to offset the entire carbon footprint generated during 2014 Awards Week

ECODES has awarded the Zero CO2 emissions eco-label to the 2014 Prince Of Asturias Awards.

The EDP Foundation will provide two electric cars and a hybrid natural gas/gasoline vehicle for staff to move around during Awards Week.



Following the process initiated five years ago to reduce the environmental impact generated by its activities, the Prince of Asturias Foundation continues to work with the Ecology and Development Foundation (ECODES) to offset the carbon footprint resulting from the activities carried out during the Prince of Asturias Awards Week. This commitment has resulted in the Prince of Asturias Awards once again being awarded the Zero CO2 emissions eco-label they have boasted since 2012.

The global CO2 emissions from the activities organized by the Foundation on the occasion of the Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony experienced an overall reduction of 114 tons between 2011 and 2013. Moreover, a greater amount of recycled paper was used in 2013 than in previous years (17 kg in 2012 versus 330 kg in 2013), as an example of the Foundation’s commitment to caring for the environment in general and Asturias and its natural surroundings in particular.

As in previous years, the Foundation will offset its carbon footprint through the “Conservation of the Peruvian Amazon in Madre de Dios” Zero CO2 emissions programme project. This initiative aims to prevent the deforestation of 100,000 hectares of forest in the Vilcabamba-Amoro eco-corridor, an area in which endangered plant and animal species have their habitat. Its verification by CCBS-Gold also guarantees benefits to local communities and the sustainable development of local producers and indigenous communities.

Via the Zero CO2 emissions eco-label and programme, ECODES works to enable Spanish companies and organizations to offset their carbon footprint. The compensation consists of a voluntary monetary contribution for each tonne of CO2 generated to a project that avoids or captures the same amount of CO2 in a developing country.

Electric cars

In addition to the aforesaid compensation, the environmental commitment of the Prince of Asturias Foundation includes reducing its carbon footprint. Consequently, it will use two electric vehicles and one natural gas/gasoline hybrid vehicle on loan from the EDP Foundation for staff to move around the city of Oviedo this year.

EDP, the main shareholder of the Hidroeléctrica del Cantábrico power generation company, forms part of the Foundation’s Prince of Asturias Board of Trustees.

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