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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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Princess of Asturias Awards 05/20/2022

Meeting of the jury for the 2022 Princess of Asturias Award for Sports

24 nominations encompassing 10 different nationalities are in the running for this Award, the fourth of eight international awards that are bestowed each year by the Princess of Asturias Foundation, now in their 42nd year


The Jury responsible for conferring the 2022 Princess of Asturias Award for Sports will meet this coming 24th and 25th May in Oviedo. This is the fourth of the eight international awards convened by the Princess of Asturias Foundation this year, now in their 42nd year. A total of 24 candidatures encompassing 10 different nationalities are in the running for the Award. The meetings will be held at the Reconquista Hotel, Oviedo.

As stated in the Foundation’s Statutes, the Princess of Asturias Awards are aimed at rewarding “the scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work carried out at an international level by individuals, institutions or groups of individuals or institutions”. In keeping with these principles, the Princess of Asturias Award for Sports shall be aimed at recognizing “careers which have become an example of the benefits that practising sports can bring to people, via their promotion, fostering and advancement of sport and sense of solidarity and commitment.”

Each Princess of Asturias Award comprises a Joan Miró sculpture representing and symbolising the Award, a diploma, an insignia and a cash prize of fifty thousand euros.

The members of the Jury will hold an initial meeting with the media at 11:00am on Tuesday 24th in the hotel’s “Salón de Consejos” reception room (first floor) immediately prior to its formal constitution and the start of its deliberations, which will commence at 11:30am. Each jury shall have a chairperson and an acting secretary. Both shall be appointed by the Princess of Asturias Foundation and shall have voice and vote.

The Jury’s decision will be announced at 12:00 noon (GMT+2:00) on Wednesday 25th, in the “Salón Covadonga” reception room in the same hotel (ground floor), following which the members of the Jury will be available for interview.

Composition of the Jury

The Jury will be made up of the following persons:

  • Abel Antón Rodrigo (chair)
  • Theresa Zabell Lucas (acting secretary)
  • Alejandro Blanco Bravo
  • Vicente del Bosque González
  • Miguel Carballeda Piñeiro
  • María Paz Corominas Guerin
  • Joaquín Folch-Rusiñol Corachán
  • Juan Ignacio Gallardo Tomé
  • Patricia García Rodríguez
  • Vicente Jiménez Navas
  • Santiago Nolla Zayas
  • Edurne Pasabán Lizarribar
  • Paloma del Río Cañadas
  • Alberto Suárez Laso


In order to minimize the risk of contagion and spread of the virus, the following recommendations apply regarding news coverage of the Jury meetings:

  • Attendance is limited to one graphic reporter (photo or video) and one news writer per news medium.
  • Bring a mask and wear it correctly at all times, covering nose and mouth.
  • Keep a safe distance.



Iframe code for live streaming of the announcement of the jury’s decision:

<iframe width="640" height="360" xsrc="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n3jH_dikmA" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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