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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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11 12 13 14 - Opening of the “LAFPABRICA. Awards Factory” 15 - “Universe Carrère” stage show 16 - “Universe Carrère” stage show 17 - Arrival of Katalin Karikó and Philip Felgner
18 - Press conference by Gloria Steinem 19 - Lucy Lake, CEO of CAMFED, will visit the factory facilities 20 - Marina Abramović will visit the exhibition "Marina Abramović – Performative Video Works" 21 - A Conversation with Amartya Sen 22 - Laureates audiences 23 - Exemplary Town of Asturias Award 24
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Opening of the “LAFPABRICA. Awards Factory”

Date and time: Thursday, 14 October 2021. 07:30PM h.

Place: Arts and Crafts building. La Vega Arms Factory. Oviedo.

Full capacity

Opening of the "LAFPABRICA. Awards Factory".

Guided visit to the complex's permanent facilities:

"Marina Abramović - Performative Video Works".

An exhibition of 8 works selected by the Laureate brought together exclusively for Awards Week. The show will trace a path through the artist's career and the main thematic and aesthetic strands of her oeuvre.

  "Sylva. Art installation".

An avant-garde art installation created in collaboration with the MAEID international architecture studio. The event is also sponsored by ABB. It will conceptualize the importance of education by developing a living organism whose constant evolution and growth will be determined by an algorithm that processes the impact data of the work carried out by CAMFED - Campaign for Female Education.

 "Steinem Space. Feminist Space".

This will be an area dedicated to reviewing some of the milestones and key figures in the history of the feminist movement starting out from Gloria Steinem's biographical and professional background. The elements on show will be distributed around three conceptual themes: travelling, listening and acting.

  "A show of projects from ‘Taking the Floor'".

A selection of projects by students who have participated in the "Taking the Floor" educational programme for schools.

  "Body and Mind Space". Workshops and chill out zone.

An area that will be devoted to chilling out and introspection, which links up with the personal and professional background and work of Gloria Steinem, Marina Abramović and Emmanuel Carrère.

 Launch of the "Gloria Steinem" podcast.

Two 20-minute episodes on the Laureate's life and career, directed by Jimena Marcos. They will combine archive material and interviews with experts with a view to reviewing Gloria Steinem's career and the importance of her work as a women's rights activist.

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