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XXV Aniversary

2005 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Prince of Asturias Awards. To mark the event, UNESCO made a groundbreaking declaration acknowledging "the outstanding contribution of the Prince of Asturias Awards to Mankind's cultural heritage." It also lent its support to Award anniversary events intended to make Asturias the "World Cultural Capital" over the anniversary period. These celebrations, which also received the official backing of the governments of both Spain and the Principality of Asturias, have been organised by the Foundation throughout 2006, when some of the Prince of Asturias Laureates in the different categories - people who constitute what has been called "Mankind's Roll of Honour" - have paid return visits to Asturias.

Events organised by the Foundation extended till the end of 2006, during which time some of the outstanding Prince of Asturias Award Laureates in its different categories - people and organisations that constitute what has been dubbed "Mankind's Roll of Honour" - paid return visits to Asturias.

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