Peter Brook

2019 Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts

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  • 1950“Measure for Measure”
  • 1955“The Tempest”
  • 1958“The Visit”
  • 1962“King Lear”
  • 1964“The Screens”
  • 1964“Marat-Sade"
  • 1974“Timon of Athens”
  • 1976“The Conference of the Birds”
  • 1977“Ubu Rey”
  • 1981“The Cherry Orchard”
  • 1983“La Tragédie de Carmen”
  • 1985“Mahabharata”
  • 1989“Woza, Albert!”
  • 2007“Sizwe Banzi est mort”
  • 2009“Eleven and Twelve”
  • 2010“Warum Warum”
  • 2012“The Suit”
  • 2015“Battlefield”
  • 2018“The Prisoner”
  • 2019“Why?”


  • 1953“The beggar’s opera”
  • 1960“Moderato cantabile”
  • 1963“Lord of the Flies”
  • 1967“Marat/Sade”
  • 1968“Tell me lies”
  • 1971“King Lear”
  • 1979“Meetings with Remarkable Men”
  • 1989“La Mahabharata”
  • 2002“The Tragedy of Hamlet”
  • 1968“The Empty Space”
  • 1987“The Shifting Point, 44 years of theatrical exploration 1946-1990”
  • 1991“Le Diable c'est l'ennui”
  • 1993“The Open Door: Thoughts on acting and Theatre”
  • 1998“L'Homme Qui suivi de Je Suis un Phénomène”
  • 1998“Threads of Time"
  • 1999“Between two Silences: talking with Peter Brook”
  • 2002“Evoking (and Forgetting!) Shakespeare”
  • 2007“Climat de confiance”
  • 2009“With Grotowski: Theatre is just a form”
  • 2013“The Quality of Mercy, Reflections on Shakespeare”
  • 2018“Du bout des lèvres”
  • Commander of the French Legion of Honour and Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Peter Brook has been awarded honorary degrees by several universities and is an honorary member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, among other such institutions. In addition to the numerous recognitions of his works –Tony, Emmy, Molière, Laurence Olivier Awards, to name a few–, he has received distinctions such as the Europe Theatre Prize (1989), the Nonino Prize (Italy, 1991), the Kyoto Prize in Creative Arts and Moral Sciences (Japan, 1991), the Grand Prix de la Mise en Scène de la Ville de Paris (France, 1995), the Praemium Imperiale (Japan, 1997), the Dan David Prize (Israel, 2005), the International Ibsen Award (Norway, 2008) and the Honorary Molière Award (France, 2011).


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