Siri Hustvedt

2019 Princess of Asturias Award for Literature

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  • 1983“Reading to You”
  • 1992“The Blindfold”
  • 1996“The Enchantment of Lily Dahl”
  • 1998“Yonder”
  • 2003“What I Loved”
  • 2005“Mysteries of the Rectangle: Essays on Painting”
  • 2005“A Plea for Eros”
  • 2008“The Sorrows of an American”
  • 2010“The Shaking Woman or A History of My Nerves”
  • 2011“The Summer Without Men”
  • 2014“The Blazing World”
  • 2017“A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women”


Siri Hustvedt speaks about "A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women”. Her new book includes various recently published essays in which she addresses topics such as contemporary art, neurosis in today's world and suicide, among others. Above all, however, Hustvedt speaks about literature and feminism.


  • 01


    by Heraclitus

  • 02

    "Complete Works"

    by Aristotle

  • 03

    "The King James

  • 04

    "Don Quixote"

    by Miguel de Cervantes

  • 05


    by Soren Kierkegaard


  • 06

    "Wuthering Heights"

    by Emily Brontë

  • 07

    "The Collected Poems"

    by Emily Dickinson

  • 08

    "Gravity and Grace"

    by Simone Weil

  • 09

    "To the Lighthouse"

    by Virginia Woolf

  • 10

    "Process and Reality"

    by Alfred North Whitehead



Holder of an honorary degree from Stendhal University, Grenoble (2015), she received the 2004 Quebec Booksellers Award What I Loved and the 2012 Gabarron International Prize for Thought and Humanities for her research work and her ideas on philosophy, neuroscience and psychology.

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