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The Foundation 03/13/2014

Ordinary meeting of the Prince of Asturias Foundation Board of Trustees

Held today in Oviedo.

The Foundation Board of Trustees. ©FPA

The Board of Trustees of the Prince of Asturias Foundation held its first meeting of the year today in Oviedo. Both the president, Matías Rodríguez Inciarte, and the director, Teresa Sanjurjo, reported on the administration of the Foundation’s finances and assets and the carrying out and follow-up of the activities undertaken this past year.

At the meeting, in addition to studying a report on the nominations submitted for this year’s Awards, the Board of Trustees was informed of the findings of the consultancy study conducted by Deloitte to determine the contribution of the Foundation’s activities to the image of Spain abroad.

Among the findings of the study, the following points may be highlighted:

- The laureates as well as the embassies and international institutions that participated in the study scored the Foundation 7.8 out of 10 as regards prestige.

- The work of the Foundation contributes to the strengthening of international relations, “creating a network of leading personalities” of national and international standing. “Eighty-nine per cent of foreign laureates establish links with Asturias/Spain” and, in 6 of 10 cases, these links “take the form of professional relationships, clearly contributing to the economic development of the region”.

- The Foundation contributes to improving the perception of the country generating international influencers. “Seventy-two per cent of foreign laureates acknowledge that the image they had of Spain has improved following the granting” of the Prince of Asturias Award, while “55% of laureates recommend Asturias or Spain as a destination”.

- Furthermore, the ten countries where the Foundation’s activities had the greatest impact in the media during the period under study are: Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, France, United States, Austria, Argentina, Japan, United Kingdom and Italy.

Socio-economic impact

This report was produced as a follow-up to the study on the socio-economic impact of the Foundation’s activities, as part of the measurement of the outcomes of the work carried out by the institution.

Using data from 2010, it revealed the following findings:

The activities organized by the Foundation in 2010 (corresponding to the latest annual accounts approved at the time these activities were being assessed) represented a total expenditure of all the actors involved (Foundation, attendees, media, advertising, artists, teaching staff, etc.) of 6.4 million euros, 93% of which stayed in Spain, which supposes an expenditure of 5.9 million euros. This expenditure has contributed to generating 8.11 million euros of GDP and to the safeguarding of 212 direct, indirect and induced jobs.

The Principality of Asturias is the recipient of 77% of said expenditure, which represents a contribution of 6.2 million euros to its GDP and 160 jobs safeguarded in Asturias. 

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