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Princess of Asturias Awards 10/07/2014

Shuji Nakamura, 2008 Prince of Asturias Laureate for Technical and Scientific Research, wins the Nobel Prize in Physics

2008 Prince of Asturias Awards Presentation Ceremony ©FPA ©FPA

US scientist Shuji Nakamura has won the Nobel Prize in Physics. This follows the recognition of his work with the 2008 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research, which he shared with Sumio Iijima, Robert Langer, George M. Whitesides and Tobin Marks.

They were jointly granted the Award by unanimous decision of the Jury, which acknowledged them as “worldwide leaders in the fields of Materials Science and Nanotechnology”. The Minutes of the Jury highlighted the fact that they “have discovered carbon nanotubes, light emitting diodes (LEDs), biomaterials that facilitate intelligent drug release and the production of tissue and organs for transplants, as well as the fabrication of nanoscale materials and the development of new plastics and recyclable materials, all of which constitute fundamental techniques for the sustainable development of the planet and the fight against poverty. Their work has contributed decisively to the energy saving and the use of new sources of energy. All these advances in basic knowledge, novel techniques and discoveries and fascinating technologies –which are leading to an unparalleled revolution– are of vital importance for the progress of Mankind”.

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