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The Foundation 09/20/2012

The Prince of Asturias Foundation has added a text-to-speech conversion service to its website aimed at users who are blind or who have reading disabilities

As part of its project to promote the accessibility of its activities.


The Prince of Asturias Foundation has taken another step in its goal to promote the accessibility of its activities with the addition to its website of a text-to-speech conversion service, available in Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese. This automatic tool for reading online content is aimed at people with visual impairments or difficulty understanding written texts, as well as for anyone who prefers to use the audio version to browse the web.

The ReadSpeaker Enterprise Highlighting system converts text to audio format in real time using high quality synthetic voices. Users can simultaneously listen to content or download the file to hear it later. The highlighting effect allows the reader to see the text highlighted while listening to it in a synchronized way, thus increasing the understanding of information.

This service requires no additional software and is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. The stand-alone voice service is both accessible and easy to use, providing maximum one-click access to the content of the web platform.

Accessibility Project

The Prince of Asturias Foundation and the ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities signed a collaboration agreement last June aimed at establishing a general framework of cooperation between the two foundations to foster and facilitate the accessibility of the activities undertaken by the Prince Asturias Foundation, especially those related to the Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony. The agreement recognizes the interest of both institutions “in providing access for people with disabilities in all activities of social and cultural life in the belief that any type of educational and cultural expression must be open to all without limitation. It seeks, in short, to improve the living, social and cultural conditions of people with disabilities”.


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