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The Foundation 01/23/2017

The Princess of Asturias Foundation partners up with the Google Arts & Culture project

A digital platform created to “host the world’s cultural treasures”, as stated by Google


The Princess of Asturias Foundation has signed up to the Google Arts & Culture project, a digital platform developed by the Google Cultural Institute (Google received the 2008 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities) that has made some of humanity’s most important cultural treasures and historic events available to a global audience.

The Foundation has put together an exhibition for this initiative comprising information about the institution and its awards, as well as on the activities of its Music Department. The exhibit includes a selection of images, texts and audio-visual material featuring Their Majesties The King and Queen of Spain, Laureates who have received the Princess of Asturias Awards, and the activities of its Music Department. One of the most notable items is the first public speech given by HM The King, then The Prince of Asturias, at the 1981 Princess of Asturias Awards Ceremony.

The organizations participating in the Google Cultural Institute also include a number of institutions that have been granted an award by the Foundation, such as the EFE Agency (Communication and Humanities 1995), the Museum of Human Evolution (the Atapuerca research team received the Award for Technical and Scientific Research in 1997), the Royal Spanish Academy (Concord 2000), the International Space Station (International Cooperation 2001), the British Council (Communication and Humanities 2005) and Yad Vashem (Concord 2007).

Google Arts & Culture
Google Arts & Culture is a new way to experience art, history, culture and wonders of the world from over a thousand organizations worldwide. Conceived as a more immersive experience, Google Arts & Culture platform was created by the Google Cultural Institute and it is available for free on the web, on iOS and Android.  

Google Cultural Institute
The Google Cultural Institute creates tools that enable partner organizations to facilitate access to culture, preserve the diverse heritage we have and promote the way we experience the culture. The Google Cultural Institute has partnered up with more than 1,000 cultural institutions in 70 countries, creating a platform hosting over 400,000 works of art and a total of 6 million photos, videos, manuscripts and other documents related to culture, history and art.

The project provides access to a wide variety of content divided into three categories:

  • Art. Projects that allow visitors to take virtual tours to museums around the world and explore works of art in minute detail.
  • History. This section contains the Princess of Asturias Foundation exhibit. It contains online exhibitions illustrating events related to outstanding moments in the history of humankind and archives of great value, such as handwritten letters that Nelson Mandela (Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation 1992) wrote from prison or documents on the construction of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Wonders of the World. This section enables visitors to take a virtual tour of sites declared World Heritage by UNESCO and the World Monuments Fund.

The Princess of Asturias Foundation’s Google Arts & Culture exhibition is now accessible via the following link.

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