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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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The Foundation 06/04/2021

TM The King and Queen meet with the members of the boards of trustees of the Princess of Asturias Foundation

Today, Friday 4th June, at the Royal Palace, Madrid, at 11:30am


TM The King and Queen are to meet with the members of the Princess of Asturias Foundation’s Boards of Trustees at the Royal Palace in Madrid, today, Friday 4th June, at 11:30am.

A detailed report on the work carried out in 2020 will be presented during the meeting, as well as a report on the financial situation and assets of the Foundation, which ended the year with positive net income and a similar level of expenditure to that of the previous year (5.6 million euros).

The institution’s Annual Report, which will be presented to the Trustees during the meeting, contains figures and information related to the activities undertaken throughout 2020, a year in which the Foundation celebrated its 40th anniversary. Moreover, given the exceptional situation generated by COVID-19, extraordinary measures were adopted in 2020 in order to be able to fulfil the institution’s founding mission: the Jury meetings were carried out online and the presentation of the Awards was moved from the Campoamor Theatre to the Salón Covadonga reception room at the Reconquista Hotel, consisting of an event without an audience.

Likewise adapted to the existing public health conditions, the corresponding cultural programme comprised 83 activities aimed at making the careers and values of the Laureates better known to the public at large. Held on the days leading up to the presentation of the Awards, these activities included art installations, concerts, poetry recitals, film screenings, round tables and online gaming. The events were attended by a total of 20,609 participants, of which 15,712 participated online and 4,897 in person.

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