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17 18 19 - “Tríptiko. A vision inspired by Hieronymus Bosch”, by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro 20 - Round table: “The World of Social Beings” 21 - "Teatro para minutos" 22 - "Teatro para minutos" 23 - Arrival of Juan Mayorga
24 - Press conference by Carmen Linares y María Pagés 25 - Press conference by Demis Hassabis 26 - Press conference by Ellen MacArthur 27 - Press conference by Thomas Bach 28 - Laureates audiences 29 - Exemplary Town of Asturias Award 30

Opening of “LaFPAbrica. Awards Factory”

Date and time: Friday, 21 October 2022. 04:00PM h.

Place: La Vega Arms Factory. Oviedo.

Visiting times for the permanent installations are from 11:00am to 2:00pm and from 4:00pm to 9:00pm on Saturdays, Sunday and Friday 28th. On the remaining days, visiting times will be from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. To gain entry, you must first register on the Princess of Asturias Foundation’s website (www.fpa.es).

Art installation and exhibition: “Proteins” and “Neural. Applications of Artificial intelligence”. This space shows some of the applications of artificial intelligence from an artistic and informative point of view.

- The “Proteins” installation pays tribute to the achievement of AlphaFold, the artificial intelligence program created by DeepMind, the company founded by Demis Hassabis, which has managed to predict the ‘folding’ of the approximate two hundred million proteins known to science.

- “Neural. Applications of Artificial Intelligence” contains several spaces showing different applications of artificial intelligence (AI): an audiovisual explanatory extension of Alphafold’s achievement and a space that delves into the creation of images via AI.

- The installation entitled “Future You”, created by the British studio Universal Everything, allows visitors to experiment with their potential and synthetic “I”. Beginning as a primitive form, the figure learns from the movements of the person it ‘mirrors’ in order to adapt, suggesting an agile and superior version of that person. This interactive motion-capture artwork evolves, creating a new visual response for each visitor, and is capable of generating 47 000 possible variations.

“Architecture for Emergency Situations”. Shigeru Ban has devoted much of his work to emergency architecture with the aim of offering people affected by a disaster a decent place to take refuge. In this installation, the structure of paper tubes characteristic of Ban’s work serves as a support for an exhibition on his social projects.

“Circular Economy FabLab”. A space devoted to innovation focussing on progress towards a circular economy promoted by Ellen MacArthur and the foundation that bears her name. Based on the idea of creating systems designed from the start to be sustainable, the space will include information and examples of the creation of new biodegradable materials from waste, the development of bioplastics and the use of Nature as a source of wisdom and inspiration. In addition, the space will also host workshops related to the production of biomaterials.

“The Mystery of the Mexica Temple”. An art installation comprising 3D paintings, created by the British studio 3D Joe and Max, which pays homage to the Mexica universe and the archaeological work of laureate Eduardo Matos Moctezuma. On Sunday 23rd October, it will serve as the final station of the event entitled “The Mystery of the Mexica Temple. An archaeo-illogical treasure hunt”.

Film cycle. The figure of Adam Michnik will be one of the main themes of the Awards Week film cycle. Four Polish films, curated by the AVA Arts Foundation, aim to explain the historical and social context of the Central European country in recent decades, a time in which the journalistic and humanistic work of the Laureate has served as an intellectual reference. Failing the confirmation of new additions, the following films will be screened: Cold WarEndless (Krzysztof Kieślowski), Adam Michnik. Be realistic, ask for the impossible (Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz) and Man of Marble (Andrzej Wajda).

Exhibition: “Taking the Floor cultural programme for schools”. A selection of drawings relating to the work of Geoffrey Hinton, Yoshua Bengio, Yann Lecun and Demis Hassabis made by students who participated in the “Taking the Floor” cultural programme for schools in the Principality of Asturias.

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