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Sergey Bubka

Prince of Asturias Award for Sports 1991

The Jury for the 1991 Prince of Asturias Award for Sports, comprising Enric Bañeres de Vicente, Julio Carlos Díez Rodríguez, Javier Gómez-Navarro, HRH Nora Isabel de Liechtenstein, Lia Manoliu, Alex Martínez Roig, Antonio Masip Hidalgo, Herminio Menéndez, José Luis Vilaseca i Guasch,gathered under the chairmanship of Juan Antonio Saramanch and with Alfonso Rodríguez Allén acting as secretary,agreed by majority to grant the Fifth Prince of Asturias Award for Sports to the Soviet athlete Sergei Bubka.

The award- winner is the Olympic champion and world record-holder in the athletics event of the pole-vault. His extraordinary sporting development has led him to constantly surpass the successive world records for this event, ever since he first jumped over 5.85 metres in 1984. In the current winter season at the time of writing, Bubka has set a record of 6.12 metres, six centimetres above his own open-air record. The jury has placed special value on Bubka´s long career and his constant struggle to break barriers, surpass himself and to emphasise the most solid, exemplary sporting values.

Oviedo, 4th April 1991

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