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"Vuelta" the Review, headed by Octavio Paz

Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 1993

Founded in Mexico in December 1976 by a group of intellectuals, headed by Octavio Paz (1914 - 1998), the magazine Vuelta has become one of the most important cultural phenomena in the Spanish language, acting as a permanent forum for communication between Spanish America and the rest of the world, providing a framework where both European and American thinkers may come together.

Among its other qualities has been the introduction of contemporary authors and texts in other languages, carrying out very careful translations into Spanish. Furthermore, Vuelta has remained as a pluralist publication which keeps a critical distance from the avatars of history, and keeps anti-dogmatism as the foundation of a democratic and antitotalitarian commitment.

Practically all the Spanish-American intellectuals of the last 17 years have written in its pages, keeping the Spanish language alive in the contemporary intellectual and artistic debate, by being a publication which is open to every literary genre and to the free expression of ideas.

On its "Co- operating Council" there appear names such as Bioy Casares, Cabrera Infante, Pere Gimferrer, Álvaro Mutis, Juan Goytisolo, Fernando Savater and Mario Vargas Llosa, among many others. It ceased publishing in 1998, following the death of Octavio Paz.

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