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Joaquín S. Lavado Tejón, Quino

Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities 2014

At its meeting in Oviedo, the Jury for the 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities, made up of Inés Alberdi Alonso, José Antonio Álvarez Gundín, Alberto Anaut González, Luis María Anson Oliart, Juan Barja de Quiroga Losada, Adela Cortina Orts, Albert Espinosa Puig, Soledad Fox Maura, Javier Garciadiego Dantán, Javier González Ferrari, Jordi Gutiérrez Roldán, Miguel Ángel Liso Tejada, José Narro Robles, Benigno Pendás García, José Antonio Vera Gil, Enrique de Ybarra e Ybarra, chaired by Víctor García de la Concha and with Ramón López Vilas acting as secretary, has decided to confer the 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities on Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón, known worldwide by his pen name Quino.

Quino achieved international fame with the creation of the universe of Mafalda, a girl who perceives the complexity of the world through the simplicity of a child’s eyes. Mafalda, the foremost character in Quino’s creative work, is intelligent, ironic, non-conformist, rebellious and sensitive. She dreams of a world that is more dignified, just and respectful of human rights. On Mafalda’s 50th “anniversary”, Quino’s lucid messages still remain valid due to having wisely combined the simplicity of his drawing with the depth of his thought.

Quino’s work holds enormous educational value and has been translated into many languages, a fact that reveals its universality. His characters transcend all geographical settings, ages and social conditions.

Oviedo, 21st May 2014

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