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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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  1. Princess of Asturias Awards

Princess of Asturias Awards  

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General principles

  • The Statutes of the Foundation stipulate that the granting of the awards corresponds to the juries for each of the categories, appointed for this purpose each year in accordance with the Regulations, which are likewise approved each year, and that the Board of Trustees is to abstain from interfering or proceeding in any way whatsoever which may affect the independent judgement of the juries, respecting their autonomy.
  • When stating its opinion, each jury makes its decisions on the basis of the information available to it, each year and in relation to each nomination. This opinion reached employing the greatest of rigour, following the procedures established by the Foundation. It is impossible for the jury to make any kind of declaration regarding events that are unexpected at the time of issuing its opinion, and even less so should such events be unknown at that time.

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