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Miguel Induráin

Prince of Asturias Award for Sports 1992

Miguel Induráin Larraya​ (Villava, Navarra, Spain, 1964 - ) is one of the most outstanding cyclists on the international scene. He is 1.88 metres tall and usually weighs around 80 kilos, which is an unusual size for a cyclist. However, his body is perfectly primed for sports, as his heart rate is usually limited to 30 beats per minute and he has an amazing capacity for recovery after great physical effort.

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Since his victory in the Spanish Amateur Cycling Championships in 1983, Miguel Induráin´s career has been one long, unstoppable progression which has won him a great many victories since 1986 -the year he won the Tour d´Avenir in France-. Among these, the Vuelta a Cataluña (1988 and 1991), the Paris-Nice Classic (1989, 1990), the bronze medal in the 1991 World Championships (Stuttgart), the Giro d´Italia (1992), and for two consecutive years (1991, 1992) the Tour de France, without a doubt the most important and prestigious cycle race in the world and which he has been the fourth Spaniard to win, after Federico Martín Bahamontes, Luis Ocaña and Perico Delgado.

Practically his entire cycling life has been linked to that of Eusebio Unzué –who discovered him– and José Miguel Echávarri, both sports managers of the teams in which Indurain has competed: Reynolds, first, and Banesto, later.

In addition to his indisputable stature as a professional cyclist, Miguel Induráin´s great human values have been ever present throughout his sporting life, and a source of praise from colleagues and competitors alike. His personality, character and temperament, together with his charisma, simplicity and modesty, have always gone hand in hand with his great qualities as a sportsman.

Miguel Induráin has also offered his continued co-operation and support to promoting cycling, at both professional and amateur.

His brilliant career has won him such distinctions as Most Spirited Spanish Cyclist of the Year, Second European sportsman and Best Spanish Sportsman, all of them for his work in 1991.

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