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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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Lawrence Roberts, Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf and Tim Berners-Lee

Prince of Asturias Award for Technical & Scientific Research 2002

The jury for the Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research 2002, convened in Oviedo, comprising D. José Luis Álvarez Margaride, D. Ernesto Carmona Guzmán, D. Antonio Fernández-Rañada, D. Luis Fernández-Vega Sanz, D. Santiago Grisolía, Dª María del Carmen Maroto Vela, D. Rafael Nájera Morrondo, D. César Nombela Cano, D. Fernando Ortiz Maslloréns, Dª. Dolores Pérez Bendito, D. Rafael Puyol, D. Francisco Sevilla, D. Guillermo Suárez Fernández, D. Guillermo Ulacia, D. Raúl Villar, chaired by D. Julio Rodríguez Villanueva and with D. José Antonio Martínez Álvarez as secretary, have unanimously agreed to bestow the 2002 Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technological Research on the American researchers Lawrence Roberts, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf, and the British researcher Tim Berners-Lee, for their groundbreaking contribution to the development of the Internet and the World Wide Web, unquestionably one of the major technological breakthroughs of our time. They are given the Award for designing and implementing a system that is changing the world by providing previously unthought of opportunities for social and scientific progress.

The Internet is one of the most eloquent examples of the benefits that accrue from scientific research and a commitment to technological innovation.

A myriad of people and institutions were involved in this work. The jury wishes to acknowledge them all in awarding the prize to the four leaders of so extraordinary a development. 

Oviedo, 23rd May 2002

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